Above photograph is a Self Portrait (Digital Pinhole Photograph) taken with a modified DSLR

I am a photographer/graphic designer whose combination of education and experiences have developed a special ability to capture and provide the viewer photographs with unique perspectives of everyday situations and scenes. Creative with graphic design.

I am currently seeking gallery representation / shows & graphic design jobs

How I view the world around me
Do you see what I see? I have two eyes you have two eyes, though my two eyes probably are not as good as yours. I was born with ptosis (lazy eye) and strabismus (eyes do not always work naturally in unison) in my right eye. In the spring of 2008 I was told that I had cataracts in both eyes for many years or possibly since birth, so that summer I had the cataracts removed, and boy was that a great dramatic change.

When you are looking out at a beautiful landscape you are seeing the landscape in three dimensions thanks to your two eyes and the incredible supercomputer that is tucked away between your ears. When a camera is pointed at that beautiful landscape it basically sees it in two dimensions. This is because it only has “one eye” the lens, and cannot perceive depth in the same way as you can.

When I look at that beautiful landscape I see it too, but in a slightly different way, much like a camera (but not completely) sees it in two dimensions. I tend to see the areas of light and shadow, textures, patterns first to pick up clues on depth then I piece everything together. This at times is truly a limitation, though humans are good at evolving, and compensating for shortcomings and limitations. Limitations sometimes can be used as a skill.